Qualified teacher and award winning artist specialising in the Traditional Visual Arts, with a focus in the art of manuscript illumination.

I offer consultancy on Arts education, curriculum development and community outreach projects. Experienced in devising and delivering innovative programmes, workshops and courses to suit audiences of all skills and abilities, I have worked in a broad range of settings from corporate to grass roots community based initiatives. I have taught programmes at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK and more recently at the Aga Khan Museum of Islamic Art in Toronto, Canada. Each programme is tailored to meet the artistic appreciation needs of interested individuals requiring training or mentorship.

My artistic work is inspired by the flora and fauna of nature, so often reflected in traditional arts and crafts across world traditions. In particular, I am drawn to the artistic and architectural heritage of the Islamic world, where my artistic expression is rooted.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Education with Distinction, as well as a Master's degree from the Prince's School of Traditional Arts, in London. I undertook further traditional training in the art of manuscript illumination in Istanbul, Turkey. I have taught and exhibited internationally and represented the Prince's School of Traditional Arts in the Kingdom of Brunei where I shared my work with the Sultan of Brunei and other dignitaries.

My joy comes from working with a number of different mediums. My hand painted ceramics were selected and presented to HRH Queen Elizabeth. Several of my artworks, which include paintings on vellum, wood and glass are in private collections including the collection of HRH Prince Charles.